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Our cloud kitchens are equipped with all necessary utilities and functionalities. Your focus will only be to accelerate your business and create the most delicious meals for your customers.

Soul Kitchens are situated in high interest areas, with easy access to public transportation, office buildings and residential areas. The facilities offer excellent hygiene conditions and working standards with all the food safety requirements.

How the delivery process works

Implementing the software in a single tablet that brings together all the food delivery aggregators in Bucharest.

You receive the order and prepare the products

A dedicated person will take the prepared order from the kitchen door and will send it to the area specially arranged for pick-up & delivery

The courier comes to the dedicated pick-up & delivery area, follows the status of the order and takes it when it is ready for delivery

The correct order always reaches the right courier
thanks to our automated cooking and pick-up system.
Our Location

We are located in a high population density area that offers you the opportunity to serve the different needs of customers, whether they are families with children, students or employees in office buildings. 


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