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With Soul Kitchens you can easily start your online food delivery idea or expand your restaurant presence. No hassle of paying unnecessary charges, save time and space. 


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Soul Kitchens provides efficient plug & play commercial kitchens for online food orders tackling the challenges facing restauranteurs who are eager to start up or expand. Easily start up your restaurant or expand without the hassle of paying unnecessary charges, save time and space


Save your startup costs which include fit-out, broker fees, licenses and more


Avoid the 3-4 months it takes to find the perfect location, and start cooking from our well-researched locations in less than 1 month


We provide you with the space needed to optimize your operations, without paying for extra unnecessary rental space


We know it is very important to reach as quickly and to as many as possible. Our locations are only chosen based on that.


For start-ups might be difficult. We will be there to provide all support needed to make your idea come true.


There is no need to commit to long term contracts

The restaurant industry is changing

The Online Food Delivery Market has grown with 30% over the last year.

The HoReCa industry is losing time and money by building stores with high rental prices on prime locations, long process for getting the approvals and substantial initial set up capital needed.

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Who we partner with

Food entrepreneurs

Local restaurants

Fast food

Our Location

We are located in a high population density area that offers you the opportunity to serve the different needs of customers, whether they are families with children, students or employees in office buildings. 


Shared spaces

Delivery Area

Locker Room

Relaxation Area

Extra Storage Space

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Expand now your restaurant business with our complex kitchen solutions and enjoy our full support and commitment.

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